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  These were the brochures handed out by the dealer to customers.

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

Canadian Capri Brochures

I put notes down as to what I saw differently in the brochures.  The differences may or may not have actually existed in the final analysis as things often change after the brochures were printed.  Someday I hope to get the actual Canadian Mercury Fact Books.

1979 Capri Brochure
One thing stands out different from the US brochure: the 3 speed automatic transmission was optional while the US required it for the v6.  

1980 Capri Brochure
Things different from the US brochure:  Power Disc brakes are not mandatory on the Canadian Ghia models.  The Canadians got a standard rear window defroster.  The Canadians got a manual transmission with the 4.2L v8 (US says only automatic).

1981 Capri Brochure
Things different from the US brochure:  Base Capri doesn't get Chrome headlight frames.  Rear defroster was standard on all.  Capri Turbo RS is available.  Power windows aren't mentioned.  No rocker panel mouldings either.  I am sure if you look hard enough there are more. 

1982 Capri Brochure
The console is optional instead of standard on some US trim levels.  The really big deal is the Turbo RS was still available in Canada and not in the US (emission reasons).  Also the v8 was an option for the Canadian RS whereas the US brochure says it was standard.  The 4 speed manual overdrive transmission is also in the Canadian brochure and not the US.

1983 Capri Brochure
Slight variations from the US version.  For one the console was more of an option than not.

1984 Capri Brochure
The brochure you could get at the dealer in 1984.

1985 Capri Brochure
Note that power windows are optional.  In the US they were standard.

1986 Capri Brochure
Note that unlike in the USA, the Capri GS could be ordered with a 5.0L engine AND a manual transmission.  In the US, the GS was relegated to the 5.0L and automatic.


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