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  These documents were promotional items given or sent to customers.

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

Customer/Sales Literature

??? Unknown Date - Capri Slide Ruler
Pretty cool.  It shows other manufacturer's cars and how they stack up to the Capri.


1979 Mailer - The Way To Go
I just scanned in the Capri section.


1980 The Capri Convertible by "Classic Group of Companies"
Apparently this is also the AHA convertible.

1981 The Pony Convertible by AHA
Very rare car.  This was an early attempt to make some Fox Bodied convertibles before Ford officially did it in 1983.

1981 Sheer Magic Pamphlet
Talks about the 81 Capris and the Black Magic Edition.  Also talks about Lyn St. James woman race car driver.

1983 Turbo Capri Folder
No Turbo Tag on the Front Fender.

1983 Turbo Capri Folder
Turbo Tag on the Front Fender.

1984 Turbo Capri RS Folder

1983 Ford Motorcraft
"Exceeds the Need"


1984 Ford Motorsport Racing


1985 Capri GS Mailer
Advertises the Capri GS as an economical, yet loaded car.


1986 Capri 5.0L Info Card


1986 Canadian Ford/Mercury Lineup
What I find interesting about this picture is that the EXACT same picture shows up in other US promotional literature but the car is RED.  Also, this car SHOULD have the "RS" side embossed mouldings but does not.


1986 Ford Cars and Trucks

Some early info on the 1986 Ford lineup.


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