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  Post Cards.

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

1979 Capri Postcard
"On the Trail"

1979 Capri RS Postcard
No Caption

1979 Capri Postcard
"Designed for Excitement"

1980 Capri Turbo RS Postcard
"Engineered for the 80's"

1980 Capri Postcard
"Engineered for the 80's"

1981 Capri RS and Black Magic Postcard
"We've got your best interest at heart."

1981 Alternate Capri RS and Black Magic Postcard
"Capri.  Sporty...sophisticated...exciting."

1981 Black Magic Capri Postcard
"...a driver's car with a touch of magic."

1982 Mercury Capri
"Sheer Magic."

1983 Capri Postcard
"New Bubbleback"

1983 Pro Street Firestone Capri
12.16 in the quarter...slow?

  1984 Capri Postcard
"Intelligently Designed"

1984 Capri Postcard
"Sophisticated Performance"

1985 Capri GS Postcard
Shot of Red Capri GS

1985 Capri 5.0L Postcard
"Built for people who take driving seriously."

1985 Capri Dealer Post Card
An oversized post card showing off the Capri and Capri Race car.

1986 Capri Post Card
"A Fun Experience"

1981 McLaren Mustang
A short description of the joint venture between Ford and Firestone.

Cosworth Capri Postcard
A shot and short description on the Cosworth Capri.

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