What is a 1985 ascMcLaren Coupe?

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My car is a 1985 ascMcLaren Coupe in Midnight Blue with Orange striping.  It is, to be more precise, a 1985 Mercury Capri 5.0, rolled off the assembly line from Ford to American Sunroof Corporation for their ascMcLaren conversion package.  While on the assembly line, Ford put in things like quad shocks, a B303 cam, specially tuned exhaust, etc   Quite a list!

One little extra thing added by Ford was an ascMcLaren body buck tag.  To me this little tag is the only thing proving that the car is a true blue (pun intended) ascMcLaren coupe.  The records for the 1985 coupes have been literally shredded and it is unknown what VINs were turned into which ascMcLaren coupes.  (Un?)Fortunately, the only part of my car to never get into an accident is the front end and so my tag is still with me.  If that definitive tag wasn't there, I would have slaughtered this pig looooong ago.

Ford would deliver the Capri Coupes (Hatchbacks actually) to American Sunroof Corporation where they would get a major facelift.  New ground effects, new wheels and tires, new striping kit, new steering wheel, new radio and floor mats and a few engine and suspension modifications.  The results are pretty cool:


Further Details about the 1985 ascMcLaren Coupes

The following has been provided by Sandy Block via the ascMcLaren news group on this site!  This information resides in the files section there.  I have copied and reordered only those changes that apply to my 1985 coupe here.  Small variations apply for other years.

How they were ordered:

The coupes had to be special ordered through ford. The reason for this was that Midnight Blue was only available on the GS while the "Capri 5.0" (RS) had the needed foglight harness and the sport (Recaro) seats. So they were ordered from Ford by ascMcLaren as "Capri 5.0" (RS) versions under DSO code 32 with the proper paint code.

Additionally, the order contained a special delete option called "Sports Delete Package". It resulted in a window sticker credit of $317.00 MSRLP & 269.45 invoice. It was ON ALL ascMcLaren coupes! Mandatory, part of the build. Items deleted:

Installed was the RS under dash switchgear for the Fog Lamps and all wiring therefore. Only the actual lamps were deleted.

Another rare mandatory option was the "Radio Prep. Group" this was the Dash Speakers, wiring to the rear for the installation of rear speakers at ascMcLaren, the Antenna, and all related antenna wiring & hardware and anti static devices. Only deleted was the actual radio. NO dash plate to cover hole was installed by Ford.

All of these changes were included in the D32 build code in addition to the dark blue (of the year) for cars ordered in dk blue. This was more of an override than an option, allowing the dk. blue in combo with a RS code, to sneak it by the computers.

Interior Changes made by ascMcLaren:

Interior Changes made by Ford especially for ascMcLaren:

Exterior Changes made by ascMcLaren:

Exterior Changes made by Ford especially for ascMcLaren:

Chassis Changes made by ascMcLaren:

Chassis Changes made by Ford especially for ascMcLaren:

Engine Changes made by ascMcLaren:

Engine Changes made by Ford especially for ascMcLaren:


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