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 I have collected a number of documents that pertain to the restoration of my 1985 ascMcLaren Coupe.

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

ascMcLaren Literature

Coupe Poster
The blue ascMcLaren Promotional Coupe Poster.  Very rare.  Supposedly only a few exist.

ascMcLaren Order Forms 

A batch of asc Order Forms.  All these images are from the www.ascMcLaren.com web site and are Copyrighted.  I am only linking to them for completeness.

Got the following from David Beeke who tracked down a guy with a 1985 asc Coupe and some original paperwork!  This was from a guy with a 1985 Blue Coupe.

The following are the build forms from a 1986 vert!  Chris sent me these!

For a 1988 convertible.

1986 Coupe Order List:

Order form for 1986 Coupe Light Covers (front and rear) and floor mats:

asc Shipping Label

1989 Accessory Price List

1989 Service Parts Memo

ascMcLaren Brochures 

Sports Package Folder
Has sales info about the rear spoiler and and early version of the front air dam.  This is also very rare.  An interesting view into what was going on before the ascMcLaren cars were made.

1984 TEAM ASC Brochure (from a Magazine)
Shows a small picture of the 5.0SC.

  1984 Coupe Brochure
One sheet, front and back.  Printed in 1983.  Shows a prototype coupe.  Note the large orange lower stripe and oddly painted wheels.

1984 Convertible Brochure
One sheet, front and back.  Printed in 1983.  Shows a prototype convertible.  Note the lowered stance.

1985 Coupe Brochure (Early)
Foldout.  Shows good interior and exterior photos.  Note that the word "Capri" is used here and there.  A 1984 interior is shown.

1985 Coupe Brochure (Late)
Foldout.  Note that there is NO mention of Capri anywhere.  Ford marketing didn't like to be associated too closely with asc for some reason.

1985 Convertible Brochure
Foldout.  Good interior and Exterior pictures.

1986 Product Update
Information about the 1986 Convertibles.  This came included with the 1985 Coupe Brochure although the coupe is not mentioned.

Brochure Envelope and Letter
Sent along with the 1985 Coupe Brochure.

ascMcLaren Advertisements 

BF Goodrich Tire Ad
Ad for BF Goodrich T/A tires with an ascMcLaren Coupe on it.  This is from a Road and Track magazine.  I have seen other ads like this, just with different cars.  I have seen a Supra and a Fiero GT in other almost identical ads.

Start Something Ad
Ad shows the Coupe and the 3.8 V6 SC Convertible.  Its a one sheet, double sided ad.

Start Something AutoWeek July 1 1985 Ad
Same as the above but it was a single page.

Magazine Articles 

Autoweek January 28, 1985
A great cover shot and write up on the ascMcLaren coupe.

Autoweek July 1, 1985
Tiny ad.


Car and Driver March 1985
Article about the ascMcLaren Convertible SC.


Mustang Illustrated December 1990
A letter from Sandy Block and a featured ride.  Volume 5, Number 6

Mustang and Fords May 1992
A decent write up of the ascMcLaren.

Collectible Automobile October 1992
Great article about 79-86 Mercury Capris (w/ascMcLarens).  Written by Sandy Block.

Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords May 1993

Good ascMcLaren Coupe article.

Mustang and Fords May 1993
Small reader's letter.

5.0 Mustang August 1995
A good review of the ascMcLaren cars.

Mustang Illustrated Sptember 1995
A VERY nice write up of ascMcLarens.  Volume 10, Number 4
Has the 1987 Protoype coupe picture and interview with Peter Muscat.

Ford High Performance August 1997

Good photo spread of an 85 Coupe

Mustang and Fords February 1998
"On the Market" article.


Mustang and Fords April 1998
Another decent write up.

Hemmings Muscle Machines February 2005
A good writeup.  It's Sandy APPROVED!

Hemmings Motor News December 2006
An extremely early 1985 ascMcLaren Coupe surfaces!


ascMcLaren Front Air Dam Installation
Shows detailed installation instructions of the front air dam.  Good pictures of the finishing strip, etc. The pics are LARGE so that they will be readable when printed.

Ford History Report
Shows the options and information about my car.  Everything appears correct.

1984 and 1986 Kenwood Automotive Audio Brochures
Shows the model numbers of the elusive rectangular rear hatch speaker covers.  My 85 had something like KFC-1670 and Sandy's 86 has something like KFC-6977.  The 1986 brochure also shows the KRC-2001 radio.  Too bad there wasn't a 1985 brochure.


1986 Alpine 7272 Radio Brochure
Describes the various Alpine models available in 1986. Provided by Sandy Block!

1986 Coupe Build Sheet

Whistler Spectrum Radar Detector Hook Up

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