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 I have put together a list of parts that are specific to the ascMcLaren Coupe.
 These parts were added by asc after recieving the cars from Ford.


If you are looking for an EXCELLENT supplier of ascMcLaren parts go to:

As I get pictures of certain parts I will "fill in the blanks".  Some I have with me in NC and I just need to dig them out to take pics and some are 800 miles away in NYS. 
Please be helpful and send comments

Exterior Modifications
Part Description


Front Air Dam Bolts on the front bumper cover beneath the belt strip.

Requires a GS bumper cover that is cut out almost all the way up to the belt strip.  Attached with a finishing strip.
Front Air Dam Extensions Goes on the front sides of the fender in front of the wheels.

Finishes off the "wrap around" effect of the front air dam.
Front Finishing Strip Hides the rivets for the front air dam.   Two piece strip.  Should be left black.
Hella Fog Lights Hella Brand Fog Lights

Went in the cutouts on the air dam.
Hella Fog Light Covers White with "Hella" on them.

Rear Valence Bolts beneath the rear bumper cover.

Has cut outs for turned down tailpipe exhaust.
Rear Finishing Strip Cosmetic use only.   Should be painted blue.
Rocker Covers Go under each door.

Rocker Cover Reinforcements Helps keep the Rocker Covers from distorting.

These normally are already rivetted to the covers from Hank but I bought my Rocker Covers before he made this change.
Rocker Cover Screw Covers Hides the screws and finishes the look of the Rocker Covers.

2 per side.
Rear Wing Goes on the rear bubble back and replaces the bottom glass trim.

Note the old "wavy" wing.  Most of them were like that even from the factory.  Alternate uses.
Wing Clips Two small clips connect the rear wing to the hatch trim.

These "finish" the look of the rear wing by connecting it to the original Ford trim.
Headlight Covers Covers the front head lamps.

Slightly smoke colored.  Held on by a screw at the top and velcro at the bottom.  VERY BRITTLE!  The bottom pictures show the Repro from Florida and an original one.  The repro is much darker and does not have the "moulded" ridge that the NOS one has.
Taillight Covers Covers the rear tail lights.

Slightly smoke colored.  Held on by screws.  VERY BRITTLE!
Tailight Cover Gaskets Goes around the top edge of the tailights.

Sail Panel Sail Panel with asc Inserts attached.

Sail Panel Inserts The individual inserts that go in the sail panel.

Side Quarter Windows There were black plexiglass coverings placed over the side quarter windows.

Orange Wheel Unique style orange wheels.  Made by Campagnolo and imported from Italy by MSW.  I love these wheels. 

The first picture shows a refurbished wheel painted orange but not correctly.  The second picture shows the original wheel with the correctly machined faces although the paint is faded.
Wheel center caps. They say "ascMcLaren"

These are for the early Type34F wheels that I have.  The pop in from the front.  Later wheels they were mounted from behind.

Interior Modifications
Part Description


Steering Wheel Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel

This is probably a Ford item, and probably the same as the one used on the SVO.
Horn Pad Leather "asc McLaren" horn pad.

Beep! Beep!  Looks about like an SVO one.
Shift Knob Leather wrapped shift knob.

They took the stock Ford shift knob and leather wrapped it...except the top.  Wierd...
Floor Mats Special floormats with the ascMcLaren name.  A nice reproduction although, "not correct".

The first picture has the ones I purchased from Paradise Motors, the second is a picture of the correct version.
NOS Floor Mats Grabbed these off from Ebay.  The NOS mats are pretty much impossible to locate. Got some docs too! 
Kenwood KRC-2001 Kenwood Model KRC-2001 Cassette Radio.

Used by asc in place of the stock Ford unit.  Later that year, the Alpine 7272 was used.  Picture 3 is a NEW unit I snagged on Ebay.
1985 Kenwood Speakers These are also 1985 Vert Speaker Covers 

It appears that asc may have put CONVERTIBLE rear speaker covers in SOME coupes.  Mine had the 6" ROUND holes in the rear interior quarter panels. The ONLY way I can figure for that to be done CLEANLY was to have a RADIO DELETE option which asc used.  This indicates, that my rear quarter panels should be original.

Update:  The last two pictures show a NOS Kenwood speaker set I located.
1986 Kenwood Speakers Rear kenwood speakers went in the hatch along with special Kenwood speaker grills.

Sandy Block was good enough to provide me these pictures.  6.75" by 9.75".  Update:  The last two pictures are speakers I got REALLY lucky on finding.
Alpine 7263 Radio Installed on some cars.

This radio has been seen on some of the 85 asc verts.
Whistler 2000 Radar Detector The tough to find radar detector.

Goes under the dash.  Never worked well.  Cost me a boatload for this replacement.

Chassis Modifications
Part Description


Radiator Body Buck Tag The smaller one was specially added by Ford for ascMcLaren.

Air Horns w/Canister Stebel Junior dual sound air horns were installed by asc.

The first picture shows the original air horns removed from my car.  2 and 3 are pictures of horns I found on ebay.  The horns are exactle the same but the canister is slightly different.  It does not say "Stebel Junior" and has an oil cap in the top.
McLaren Lowering Springs Special springs added in place of the stock Ford ones.


The only part on the car actually MADE by McLaren! 
Carrera Shocks Chrome plated shocks put on by asc.

Peter Shear provided these pics.  Thanks!  Numbers:  3698, P1112
TBird Tie Rod Tips ASC used these to improve handling.

Supposed to be a bit longer than stock Mustang ones.  Part number:  E2SZ-3A130-A

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