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  Magazine ads and articles.

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here.

Car and Driver August 1978
Capri and Mustang review.

Motor Trend August 1978
Seems like everybody was dying to review these cars in early 1978.

Popular Mechanics August 1978
Great turbo write up.

Road & Track
August 1978
A look at the new Mustang and Capri.

Car Craft November 1978 (1 Page Ad) and Alternate Double Page Ad
The sexy new '79 Capri.  A Miracle under $4700."  The single page ad is from Car Craft.  The double page ad came from the November 78 issue of Road and Track.


Hot Rod December 1978 (2 Page Ad) and Alternate Single Page Ad
The Capri RS.  A car that can handle.  At a price you can handle."  The two page ad is from Hot Rod magazine.  The single page ad, I do not know where it came from.  It was probably in the same month but in a different magazine.


Car Magazine (Britain) 1978
A tidbit from across the pond!

Ford Dealer Magazine Reprint Pack - 1979
A collection of 1978 magazine articles Ford pulled together to promote the new Mustangs/Capris.

Car And Driver April 1979 (also Road and Track May 1979)
The Sexy new '79 Capri.  A miracle under $4700.

Road And Track BF Goodrich Ad
T/A Tires!

Hot Rod June 1979 - Coming Home
Talking about the "Americanization" of the Capri. (the earlier years were imports from overseas)

July 1979 Motor Trend AHA Capri Convertible
A dealer packet reprinting the magazine article.

Motor Trend December 1979
Turbo Capri RoadTest Review.  Not very flattering.

Car And Driver December 1979  (also Dec 1979 Road and Track)
The 1980 Capri Turbo RS. Comes with European Styling.  Goes with American Muscle.

Maclean's December 1980
Black Magic in this ad.

1981? Black Magic Ad
A very nice two page ad for the Black Magic.

Motor Trend March, 1981
A little blurb on the Capri's MPG

Motor Trend March, 1981
3.3L Capri Road Test

Car and Driver September 1981
Shocks and Struts Test

Car and Driver October 1981 Capri RS Review
Some interesting things can be noted in this article.  Note the reference to the Mustang "SS"...I assume this was a bit before the GT was officially reintroduced??  They call "Slapper Bars", "Wind Up Limiters".

Car and Driver October 1981 "Csaba's Capri"
Very cool "build up" of a "new" Mercury Capri.  It will probably make most people who know now what the cars are capable of, laugh.

Car and Driver 1981 Capri Quick Silver Ad (also December 1980, Motor Trend March 1981 and Car Craft Dec 1980 and Sep 1981)
Very spiffy advert.

Car and Driver 1981 Capri Great Escape Ad

Another Very spiffy ad.

Car and Driver or Road and Track March 1982 White Lightning Ad
This is the infamous "White Lightning" Capri ad.  There were "White Magic" Capris ("Black Magic" Capris ordered in white) but supposedly never officially any "White Lightning" Capris, although I have heard that some dealers called them "White Lightning" Capris after the ad came out.

Chatelaine November 1982

Canadian ad for a 1983 Bubble Back Capri

1982?  Unknown Magazine

Firestone Tires now with a 12sec Challenge.

Hot Rod July 1982
Shootout! Between the Capri and Camaro!

Road And Track November 1982 (also Car Craft Feb 1983 and Motor Trend Nov 1982)
Mercury put out a 7 page ad with its 1983 lineup.  In it was what was later to be known as the "Crimson Cat".  Note the wraparound striping.


Hot Rod May 1983
Hustlin' Hillbilly

HotRodding May 1984
An article about dropping in a 351w in a Capri.

??? 1985
Motorcraft.  The name is getting around Fast.

Popular Cars March 1985

This guy really likes the Capri over the Mustang.

High Performance October 1995 - Double Trouble

Second half of an article (other half had a Mustang in it).

High Performance October 1995 -
Capri - VO
Guy took an SVO and tossed a bubble back on it!

Car and Driver January 1986

An ad touting the race wins of the SCCA Trans-Am Capris.

??? February 1986

More SCCA Self Horn Tooting!

Car Craft May 1986
Street Elimination!  Capri vs GTO vs Delray vs Duster!

1988 Mustang Illustrated Vol3 No2
1979 Drag Capri

1990 Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords
1985 5.0L Capri Pizza Delivery Car

August 1991 Car Craft
1979 Modified Capri

December 1992 Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords
Ed Marsh's 5.0L EFI Swap Into a 1984 Capri

Old Cars Weekly December 28, 2006
Somebody dredged up a few photos of the Capri Guardsman.  I have obtained original copies here.

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