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  These documents were only available to dealers at the time.  

Please excuse the low quality of some of the pictures.  I had to try to use fairly high compression to keep the size of this site under control. Please be helpful and send comments here. 

83-86 Lincoln Mercury Product Fact Books

79-82 Mercury Product Fact Books

1983 Advanced Mercury Products Fact Book
Very early fact book.  This has the soon to be discontinued Black Magic and no mention of the Crimson Cat.

1983 Mercury Products Fact Book
Has info on all the 1983 Mercury Cars.  INCLUDING the CRIMSON CAT!  Revised Feb 1983.

1984 Advanced Product Facts Book
A dealer guide for all the new 1984 Mercury cars.  There are some nifty pages with the Dealer available graphics and louvers.
I have the 1984 Fleet Book and it is identical to this.

1984 Product Facts Book (September Print)
A dealer guide for all the 1984 Mercury cars. 

1985 Advanced (Fleet) Fact Book
The Fleet books are always exactly the same as the Advanced editions.
Note that the revision changes are marked July 1984 and the RS model is still mentioned.

1985 Product Facts Book
Revised February, 1985.  Specs, facts and descriptions on the 1985 Capri and all its options.

1986 Advanced Product Facts Book
Early specs for the 1986 Mercury Capri.

1986 Product Facts Book descriptions on the 1986 Capri and all its options.


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